GRP Roofs

Glass fibres have been produced for centuries. In fact, the ancient Egyptians were able to produce glass and transform it into fibres. The issue however, was that they could only make a small amount at a time and that the produced fibre was very coarse.

The Glass fibres that we know of today were accidentally created by Russell Games Slayter when he was welding two glass blocks together, unexpectedly a jet of compressed air hit a stream of the molten glass and created and shower of glass fibres. This discovery allowed them to determine how to mass produce glass strands

From this point, the process of manufacturing fibre glass or Glass Reinforced Plastic has been developed even more. It is now used within the majority of industries to the point where almost everyone will have something that has been produced in GRP. 

Rowsell roofing can carry out and professionally install a GRP fiberglass to flat roofs and gullies to domestic and commercial properties, all covered by a 15 Year Guarantee.

The benefits of having GRP roof covering include;

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Extremely Strong, Durable and seamless
  • Non-slip finish option for Balconies, Terraces & Walkways
  • Lead roof reproduction
  • Vast range of colours, in fact any RAL colour
  • Energy efficient roofing we can incorporate insulation
  • New build or refurbishment
  • Cold applied - no heat

May I say how hard Dave and Mark worked... They remaining cheerful, positive and polite throughout. Many thanks to you all.

Hurford, West Coker
August 2020

Overall the service was 5-star.

Hancock, Compton Dundon
August 2020

I was impressed with your workmen and the scaffolders, all of whom were very efficient. I thank you for your efforts on my behalf.

Rampling, Sherborne
July 2020

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